As Reaper’s Revenge continues into its final weekend, we often wondered what the “characters” thought of the various customers, visitors, and guests that attend each evening. In this edition of the “Reaper’s Revenge Blog” we risked our sanity and faced our fears and hunted down two of the more “prominent” dwellers of the mountain, “TweedleBox”  and the trusted “employee of the month” “Officer Zed” who guards his “security trailer” with diligence and demands respect! With just ONE weekend left in the season get your tickets and experience the number one haunted attraction in the country!

Special Interview with TweedleBox

“Fans of Lewis Carroll’s iconic tale of “Alice in Wonderland” are likely familiar with the peculiar but pleasant “twin brothers” Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Odd in their behavior each was known for their bitter arguments and clever wit, yet each had a true devotion to the other. Devotion is a strong word and Reaper’s Revenge is home to the third (and formerly fourth) member of this fairy tale family, known by and large as “TweedleBox.” Now at first glance, “TweedleBox” may seem quite friendly, however, his intentions are rather dire. Kicked out of “Wonderland” Tweedlebox succumbed to his cannibalistic desires, eating his poor brother, leaving just his entrails as a warning each guest of the horror’s they will encounter along the “Haunted Hayride” at Reaper’s Revenge! Beware of his tricks, do not trust his word as you may fall victim to his ravenous appetite for human flesh!

Special Interview with Guardian of the Security Trailer-Officer Zed

Working security on the “Reapers Mountain” is no joke and our employee of the month for the past several years. While he has trouble keeping track of his keys, and often drifts off into a slumber as nightmarish ghouls torment him and wreak havoc, he does his best to ensure everyone on the mountain respects his authority!

Reaper’s Revenge News

Reaper’s Revenge would like to extend its gratitude to the Occhipinti Dance Company for coming and performing tonight on stage!

Reaper’s Revenge would also like to thank the review group “FEAR” for naming us their NUMBER ONE attraction of 2019!

Social Media Reviews of the Week

Melanie from Dallas, PA- This is by far THE BEST haunted attraction I have ever been to in my life, and I’ve been to A LOT! My bf & I recently moved to PA and have been checking out new haunts, and this just blew us away. Not only was it scary as hell, but there were also parts where it was funny and we had some good laughs. I highly recommend this to everyone who wants a good scare and doesn’t mind being touched. You won’t be disappointed! To the actors and people who put this together- BRAVO! You did an amazing job, and I can’t wait to go back!!! Thank you for an amazing night!

Jim from Pittston, PA- “Reaper’s Revenge” is the premier haunted attraction

Bob from Wilkes Barre, PA- Best experience of my life, so much fun! Laughed, jumped, will attend every year!

Sergio from Brooklyn, NY- The VERY best haunted house we have ever been too. Worth the wait and the travel. Will return next weekend!

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