The “Reaper” has awoken from its restless slumber and opening weekend is upon us as Reaper’s Revenge the nation’s premier haunted attraction is geared up and ready to unleash its most immersive, intense spectacle of a show yet! Reaper’s Revenge boasts three must-see attractions; Haunted Hayride, The Lost Carnival,  and NEW for 2020 Delirium!

Rehearsals are complete and this season promises to be memorable injecting a new level of intensity and energy into the already first-class show presented each season. Each attraction has undergone extensive upgrades, and improvements with even more scares big-budget special effects, and premier scare acting, which is the heart of Reaper’s Revenge show every season.Photo from Reapers Revenge Haunted Attraction

With numerous surprises and endless scares, that target every nightmare, Reaper’s Revenge over the past eleven seasons has evolved into a must-see entertainment event that strives for industry perfection. What many don’t see, however, is the countless hours and year-round dedication towards making this show the best it can possibly be. For the management, staff, and actors of Reaper’s Revenge, there is no “off-season” and development continue throughout the entire year. From developing targeted marketing plans to constructing one-of-a-kind scares, the “Reaper” perhaps is truly never at rest, just preparing to unleash its next generation of fear.  Facing the “unknown” in managing the challenges of today’s society, the talented team at Reaper’s Revenge has developed an extensive “Operational Safety Plan” and made responsible changes to the show itself,  to help protect the safety of staff, and customers this season.

2020 has been a year defined by the worldwide pandemic caused by Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19). Having impacted society on almost every level, COVID-19 has left lasting stain and plague upon the psyche and perhaps the spirit of so many. It has been a year that many wish to forget having created a desire and yearning for some form of “normalcy.” The entertainment industry has always been an outlet and source for those looking for “escapism,” but even that industry has been negatively impacted by this unrelenting pandemic. However, many in the haunted attraction industry decided to face the challenges associated with operations during this pandemic, as a way to give the public something to look forward to, a way to escape the stressors of today, and for a moment in time, enjoy the “normalcy” of the Halloween season. While theoretically noble, operating during a pandemic is a daunting challenge, and Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions has helped take the lead in presenting a world-class, safe show during unprecedented times.

Manager Michael Belardi Prepares Actors in the “Haunted Hayride”

A standard-bearer for operational excellence, the team at Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions has always strived to embrace innovative solutions to complex problems and present a show that exceeds expectations every single evening during its annual season. Over the past several months, countless meetings, review of safety plans, and management decisions guided the development of an “Operational Safety Plan” that ensures staff, customer, and community safety during these unprecedented times. While visitors may see a show that is modified this year due to the temporary closure of favorites “Sector 13” and “Pitch Black” attraction managers, supervisors, and creative staff has poured extensive resources and passion into the three operating attractions; “Haunted Hayride,” “Lost Carnival” and BRAND NEW for 2020 “Delirium!” Reaper’s Revenge has always been committed to a first-class, safe show and extensive training, and sanitary strategies have been implemented to ensure an unforgettable evening. Speaking with managers Kelley Michael and Michael Belardi, both expressed their passion for presenting a show that gives each guest a quality show that acknowledges the challenges associated with today’s events but does not dwell on them. Escapism fueled by a desire to scare and always entertain is the focus of this year’s show, and guests will get to experience a more refined experience, with an emphasis on launching a safe show that still maintains a high standard of excellence in performance art and strives to ensure safety for all staff and visitors.

Both Belardi and Michael expressed how dedicated fellow team members helped develop and implement the “operational safety plan.” Other national attractions were consulted, and ownership guided the plan’s strict implementation holding all parties to higher standards of safety and professionalism. Reaper’s Revenge‘s continued success and growth is grounded in the philosophy of presenting the “best show” possible each night. No corners are cut, and year-round development aims to create a first-class attraction that ensures each guest enjoys their evening. Leading up to the opening night, managers and supervisors such as Belardi and Michael focus on training actors to function under strict protocols and understand the importance of still giving engaging performances.  A new “normal” for everyone, the overall goal is to accentuate performances and the spectacle of the attraction while minimalizing the intense attention and implementation of safety plans implemented to protect those on the mountain.

“Saving Halloween” and implementing extensive procedures/protocols to present a safe, entertaining show has been a monumental task that should not be underestimated. While many haunted attractions rely mostly on animatronics and special effects, Reaper’s Revenge’s strength has always been its quality of scare-performers. The management and ownership of the attraction had to strike a balance between interactive fear and safety. Managers and supervisors worked tirelessly to streamline, sanitize and maximize the safety in costuming/make-up departments, and helped create “COVID- safe” costumes that did not distract from the show. Owners and countless other staff members all contributed to the development and implementation of the “operational safety plan” and helped guide the decision-making process regarding the modifications made to each attraction open during the season. The bottom line is the result of an almost 24-7 effort is a show that aims to exceed expectations and provide every guest with a first-class show, filled with passion and desire to lead the industry through challenging times.

A summary of the “Operational Safety Plan” is as follows; capacity limits (smaller groups sizes, social distancing, etc.), providing handwashing areas and guest information, employee and guest screening, extensive sanitation, and cleanliness efforts, and compliance with state and CDC guidelines. We have adjusted work schedules and staffing procedures to ensure the actors are safe. Furthermore, employees have been trained to follow strict cleanliness and sanitary systems to protect the health and safety of all guests at the show. An entire “decontamination team” headed by veteran manager Steve DeEsch is focused on keeping each scene clean so guests can feel comfortable during their stay.

The “Operational Safety Plan” is not just a document placed on Reaper’s Revenge’s website. It is a commitment that all steps are being taken to promote a safe, first-class show that meets and exceeds the high expectations of each customer. Reaper’s Revenge’s team wants to make sure that every single guest has a memorable experience that takes them away from the troubles of “reality” and submerges them into the fun yet terrifying “surreal” world created each evening. When you visit this season, be assured you will be presented a show that is the product of a genuine passion for the haunt industry and desire from each performer, tractor driver, security guard, etc. to give customers a show and overall experience they will never forget. Make no mistake about it, Reaper’s Revenge has focused its effort on scaring guests on a new level this season but once again has taken a lead position in the industry in developing systems and procedures that will maximize the safety of all who dare to “Test their Fate” this season!

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Written By: Joe Rovinsky

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