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About Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride

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Pennsylvania’s Reaper’s Revenge is a haunted hayride with a terrifying twist. A treat for locals, and close enough for a visit from New York or New Jersey. Haunt Reviewers from all over the Northeast, Voted for Reaper’s Revenge as one the very best! Reaper’s Revenge is three haunts in one for 2020 , combining a haunted hayride, dark forest walkthrough and 3D attraction. Test your fate at Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Attraction – the Scream Park that is making waves in the haunt industry!

An Exciting, Scary Adventure for you and your friends!

Plan your visit to Reaper’s Revenge now. View our event schedule, hours of operation and ticket prices.  You can buy tickets online or at our ticket booth.

An excerpt from the Scare Factor Review:

The wagon’s eerie green light creeps around the corner of the stockade fence. The engine sputters in a pattern that suggests it is still escaping from the long, exhausting journey. But, my journey had only just begun. A year ago I left my first experience at Reaper’s Revenge begging myself to return. There are haunted attractions in the world that are incredible in their own rights. One place goes all in with the brutal gore, tucked in a warehouse, while another place gives you chills in the dimly lit woods. I have found many haunts that represent their categories of entertainment extremely well and I don’t mind calling them some of the greatest in the country. But, I have never seen one represent every category as well as Reaper’s Revenge. We loaded ourselves onto the straw-infested deck of the wagon bunched up next to strangers like we would to keep each other safe. Slowly, the ride took us into the woods and further away from the distractions of the line, anxiously awaiting their turn. We eventually come to our first stop in-between some castle walls illuminated with torches and a giant reaper staring down on all of us. An old Latin curse is uttered from his mouth. Everyone huddles in anticipation of monsters popping out to scare them. What they get instead is the effects of the curse when the walls suddenly explode in flames all around them. Before long, we continued on our way into the dark, but the question has been planted in our brains: ”This is just the beginning?” The Scare Factor 2016

Reaper's Revenge Haunted Hayride

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