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Group Ticket Information

How Group Tickets works:

Bring your group of 25 or more to Reaper’s Revenge at a discounted rate!  Our online calculator allows you to plan the date of your trip to maximize the group discount.  Before you head over to the calculator, here is some basic information:

  1. Plan your date by viewing our schedule.  The best discounts come with the GREEN dates.
  2. Group tickets are only available for purchase online and you must attend on the date you select.
  3. All members of your group must attend on the same day and at the same time.
  4. Don’t purchase until you are sure of your group size.
  5. We offer payment by credit card or company check.
  6. We try very hard to keep all groups together on a hay wagon, please tell our queue line staff how many are in your group as you get closer to boarding.  Please note if your group size does not fill up an entire wagon, you will have some other Reaper’s Revenge fans along for the ride.
  7. Groups & VIP: if you are interested in upgrading your group to VIP status, please e-mail or call us at 570-254-8038

Calculator Information:

  1. Choose your dates from the dropdown menu and the number of tickets


  1. Verify the date you selected and the discount price you will pay for that date.  Change your date if you want to see a different price.

3. Go to Checkout and select your method of payment: Credit Card or Company Check

Reaper's Revenge Group Ticket Ordering

4. Print your confirmation with the barcode – you will need this for entrance.  Regardless of your group size, you will only print one ticket with barcode.

5. If you paid by credit card, you can skip the ticket booth and go directly to the Hay Ride queue line.

6. If you need to pay by company check, bring your barcode confirmation to the Ticket Booth and give your check to the ticket staff.  They will activate your barcode for entry.


Enjoy Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride!

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