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Reaper’s Revenge is a night of Halloween adventure, a spectacle that continues even during the most challenging times to grow and evolve.”

“Haunted Hayride-For veteran fans of Reaper’s Revenge and new visitors alike, the scope and size of each scene are unfathomable and architecturally a work of art. A spectacular presentation of complex environmental immersion fueled by audiovisual excellence, pyrotechnics, and theatrical performances.”

“The “Lost Carnival” is not about jokes and fun; it is not designed to bring smiles to one’s face, it has a mission, and that mission is to make guests feel disturbed, sickened, and want to at times crawl begging for mercy…”

Reaper’s Revenge has always strived to create the “ultimate” Halloween adventure, promoting diversity in design, and “Delirium” adds a missing piece to the attraction’s entertainment package.

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Electroshock Entertainment

Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions has solidified itself as a leader and innovator in the haunted attraction industry and has accomplished an almost unfathomable achievement in presenting a first-class show in the most challenging of times. The talented team at Reaper’s Revenge has implemented a stringent “Operational Safety Plan” that protects and respects both customers and staff while not impacting the overall show’s quality!”

“What makes Reaper’s Revenge special is not the scenes nor the themes but the quality of those talented individuals who create nightmares year-round, those who are committed to innovation, and those that refuse to present a show that is less than first class.”

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Fright Review Squad
Reaper’s Revenge by far had the most thorough Covid-19 safety protocols that we’ve encountered thus far during the 2020 season!”

“Throughout the hayride at Reaper’s Revenge guests will encounter many horror film favorites in Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and even Samara from the Ring! Each of these characters is PERFECTLY executed by the scare actors; from Samara sinisterly snapping and contorting her body to Michael Myers sneakily assaulting the patrons from out of nowhere.”

“One major feature that we love about the hayride at Reaper’s Revenge is how well rounded and thought out each and every scene is! Many hayride scenes at other haunts end once you pull out of the scene… this is NOT the case at Reaper’s Revenge. As you exit each scene the backside of the scenes are just as visually pleasing as the scene itself”

“We’ve never encountered a haunt that truly makes you feel immersed into a demented carnival, yet alone one that can do it in the middle of the woods!”

“The scare actors we encountered throughout the Lost Carnival are some of the best actors we’ve ever encountered! Their improv skills along with their spooky fun tricks certainly make for both a frightening and humorous experience! We went from laughing in one scene to running out of the next scene in pure terror; they definitely kept us on our toes!”

“Delirium- Ready or not, you’ll be tossed into a world of multiple dimensions where blood-curdling surprises lurk around each and every corner!”

“Reaper’s Revenge boasts top of the line sound equipment utilized throughout all of their attractions, which helps elevate the haunt experience and immerse the guests into a whole new horrifying dimension! We also can’t forget to mention their first-class set design, elegant usage of pyrotechnics, and shocking special effects. Not to mention their exceptional cast and crew.”

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Halloween Haunts 365

“This is hands down one of the best hayrides in the country. The scenes, props, sounds, and actors are stuff that you would see in movies!”

“Delirium- Reaper’s Revenge once again knocked it out of the park with this attraction and more places should try to do it like them. Everything about this attraction was amazing props, actors, scenes it was just amazing.”

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FEAR: Fright Experience and Review

“The hayride at Reapers Revenge is our absolute FAVORITE. The grand scale sets and designs go over and above & exceed our expectations year after year.  Our highlights include Pumpkin Hill and the House of 1000 Corpses tunnel towards the end!”

“Lost Carnival-You can expect KILLER Carnival Games, Deranged Clowns, Side Show Freaks & Carnival Rides gone COMPLETELY WRONG.”

“Delirium -was one of the best 3D haunts we have ever experienced. Some of our highlights include floating severed heads, And a maniacal mallet welding clown!”

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